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For security and optimiztion reasons, GL-IX specifies a few rules all members have to adhere to:

General Policy

  1. All members are required to use non-private autonomous system numbers (ASNs).
  2. ARP proxy, as well as layer 3 protocols must be disabled, such as DHCP, OSPF, STP, L2 keep alives, etc.
  3. Members must not point their default route to any other member without prior written permission.
  4. On the VLAN, only IPv4, IPv6, and ARP are permitted.
  5. The assigned internet exchange address space must not be advertised outside the peering VLAN.
  6. Members must not interfere with other members and must provide a 24/7 reachable contact for emergency resolution.
  7. Peering with our route servers is recommended, though not a requirement.

Connection Policy

  1. Every eligible network is welcome.
  2. Members are required to have a public ASN assigned to their individual or organization's name.
  3. IPv6 support is mandatory, and as such, atleast a /48 IPv6 subnet is required.
  4. Valid contact details, as well as a proof of identity, have to be submitted.
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